In the hoop 11" Hankie

This pattern makes a perfect 11" (10" for 4x4 hoops) square hankie.  It is completely done in the hoop and NO sewing is  required.  There is delicate lace edge and dainty roses in all the corners.

The photo above is of the hankie after it was machine washed, pressed and folded into quarters.  Unfortunately it does not show the pretty details.  The hankie can be used as a hankie, or to line a bread basket, or turned into a baby bonnet.  

With a few running stitches and a little bit of ribbon, the hankie can easily be made into a beautiful bonnet which can be later used on the wedding day.  We included instructions to make a Hankie Bonnet and the precious poem that goes with it.

Also included is a design to make a 2005 ornament (or leave off the date and use as a fancy coaster).  For the above, we use a Snuggle Dryer Sheet as the stabilizer and it can be hung in the baby's room to gently scent the air, or...

add a bit of ribbon and fill with sachet for stronger odors.  One pattern for both 4x4 and 5x7 hoops.




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