Two-headed Buddies in a Blanket

Kitties and Cubbies

Once upon a time there was a kitty and cubbie who were best buddies.  After a full day of playing, turn them upside down, and they are in their pajamas fast asleep.

This "in the hoop" pattern includes all the designs and instructions to make a kitten and bear cub either awake or sleeping, the little sleepy cap, and designs to add personalization.  All necessary designs will fit within a 4x4 (100 x 100) hoop.  Some designs have been grouped together to make it easier with a 6x10 hoop.

OK, one of these things is NOT like the others...

Here's Ava wrestling with her bear.   With those legs,  Ava might be the next great Summo wrestler.   Oh, no...the bear won!





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