No Sew Moccasins

These slippers are assembled without the use of a sewing machine.  There are 4 different patterns with 2 sizes and 3 front designs included in each.  Everything is completed "in the hoop" and laced together when stitching is finished.  

Above shows the designs you can make using the Size 1-2 No-Sew Moccasin Pattern for newborns and infants.  There are 2 sizes included..  Size 1 is 4" from heel to toe, size 2 is 4.25" from heel to toe.  Three different back options are included.  Little ducks, sailboats and turtles adorn the front of the slipper.  A variety of fabrics can be used and the possibilities are endless.  Approximate shoe size:  0-3.  Fits in a 5x7 hoop.

Size 3-4 includes designs to make a frog, ladybug and Thunderbird.  Two sage-green, inexpensive, terrycloth face cloths made the frog slippers, blue fleece for the ladybugs and white chintz lined with turquoise flannel was used for the Thunderbird slippers.  Size 3 measures 4.75"  from heel to toe; Size 4 measures 5.25".  Since these were made to fit toddlers who just started walking (or running), the bottom sole is made of non-skid shelf liner.  Approximate shoe size:  4-7.  Fits in a 5x7 hoop.

Size 5-6 includes designs to make cars, flowers and a geometric design.  Bright-colored felt was used to make the car slippers.  The flower slippers were made of satin and flannel...there is a "jewel" in the center of the flower.  Brown velveteen was used for the fringed moccasins.  Size 5 measures 5 1/2" from heel to toe, size 6 measures 6" from heel to toe.  Approximate shoe size:  8-10.  Fits in a 6x10 hoop.

Size 7-8 includes the designs to make a tractor, puppy dog, and plaid heart.  Green and yellow fleece was used to make the tractor slippers.  The puppy slippers were made and lined with Micro Fleece...they are soooo soft and warm.    We used a taupe velveteen to make the fringe-backed heart slippers.  The size 7 slipper is 6.5" and the size 8 (measures 7") slippers fit an almost 8-year-old girl who wears a size 1 and a half shoe...a little squishy, but once they were on, she didn't want to take them off.  She even made them herself!  Approximate shoe size:  11-13.   For 6x10 hoops.



This photo shows the 8 sizes (remember, each size has 3 designs...a total of 24 slippers; that's enough to keep your child warm and cozy for many years).

Here's Caity making her own slippers (with just a little supervision).  And here she is snuggled up with a good book.  Doesn't that look comfy?



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