Designs and instructions are included to make this pretty poncho.  Designs fit within a 5x7 hoop.  The poncho can fit up to a ten year old.  Poncho above is shown over a turtleneck sweater, and yes, it is as soft as it looks.  There is minimal (very easy) machine stitching required to finish.


Use pre-made blankets and just attach the neckline...it's that easy.

Close-up of the neckline details.  The neckline on the left was stitched on water soluable stabilizer and then attached to the fabric, the one on the right was stitched directly on a pre-made fleece blanket.  The neckline can be stitched on a beach towel or receiving blanket to make a great cover-up for the beach or messy eaters or painters.

Designs are also included for the front corner.



Here's another idea:  a matching Hoodie.

This adorable hood is made almost entirely in the hoop.  Pretty doodads adorn the front.  You can make the scarf as long as you want and the hood is adjustable to fit toddlers and older children.

The photo on the left was Ava almost 1 year old, the photo on the right is Ava almost 2.


How many children's garments can go through 2 seasons?




or buy both the Poncho and Hoodie patterns and save:





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