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You can make an adorable Yo-yo Clown doll using your embroidery machine. This little doll features embroidered on "hair", satin hands and feet, embroidered facial features, a sewn "in the hoop" hat, and lacy cuffs and collar. You’ll be surprised how easily and quickly you’ll be able to make one. Most of the work is done by the embroidery machine, minimal sewing is required.  Once all the pieces are sewn, you will have a floppy, musical, stuffed clown doll which certainly will delight the little ones in your life. 

To view and print the instructions, you will need to have Adobe Reader 5.0 installed on your computer.  Printing templates are included in the PDF files.

Yo-Yo Clown Doll



The Ho-Ho Yo-Yo Doll

santa9.jpg (35999 bytes)  santa10.jpg (53777 bytes)  

This jolly little guy features an embroidered suit with holly on his collar and cuffs.  His face is completed in the hoop with beard, mustache, and hair all attached.  Just clip and turn.  Add some jingle bells and this makes up as a fun Christmas decoration.



The Yo-Yo Baby Doll 

  1baby6.jpg (41018 bytes)  1baby5.jpg (38914 bytes)

This little doll features the sweetest face with sewn on hair, ruffled bonnet, a bib and cuffs of heirloom quality.  All parts are completed in the hoop and minimal sewing is required to complete these dolls.



These dolls are kid tested and grandmother approved!

The pattern for the doll above (in pink outfit) is not available.


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