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A couple of years ago, while I was dusting my sonís bronzed baby shoe (OK, I wasnít REALLY dustingÖjust blowing at the dust), I had the idea to try to make that shoe using my embroidery machine. At that time I was just starting to realize the possibilities of this wonderful invention. I have always tried to make things and never could achieve the results I wanted. After many, many, many attempts, the first shoe was completed. That was the Buster Brown. I started stitching these shoes and giving them to people I knew. Friends and colleagues encouraged me to sell my shoes in local baby boutiques. The problem I had with that was they take time to make and there would be no joy (or profit) for me to make them for strangers. Thatís when the idea of going on the Internet hit me.   I donít claim to be an expert, or a know-it-all. Iím just like you, OK, maybe a little more stubborn and anal. Every day I enjoy learning something new; unfortunately, it is usually through my mistakes. My patterns are constantly evolving and I still consider, even the older ones, "a work in progress". If you ever purchase one of my patterns, I promise to be here to help with any problems, or questions you may haveÖI can even offer moral support and an occasional "atta girl" if necessary. I believe these patterns are unique in their construction and Iíve tried to leave most of the hard work for the embroidery machine.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and perhaps understand a little more about the history of HeartNSole.com. Please accept this little token of my appreciation. This is a quilting design, which could be used on the Cheesy Little Baby Quilt if youíd like. Youíll find 2 sizes (5x7 and 6x10) and most formats. 

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