Barely Bare Bears

**Featured in Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine Jan/Feb 2005

Copyright  2004 Creative Machine Embroidery;

Copyright 2004 Creative Machine Embroidery;

Brown fur-like fabric, made in 6x10 hoop sizeWhite plush felt, made in 6x10 hoop sizeCream-colored plush felt, made in 5x7 hoop size


This embroidery pattern was developed for the "sewing challenged" and although it is not recommended as a first "in the hoop" project, it is probably 90% easier to make than if you used a conventional pattern, and this pattern is re-usable...not like those paper patterns.  Most of the hard part is done by your embroidery machine.  The designs are almost all "in the hoop" to assure uniformity.  There is some machine and hand sewing required to complete it.  This is a fully-jointed stuffed bear which uses 35mm bear joints that are available in most craft stores.  It can be made with various fabrics to create different looks.  The pattern comes complete with designs and fully-illustrated PDF instructions.  This pattern works up beautifully in plush felt as well as faux fur or fleece.  Our bear stands 14" tall when completed.  Available for large hoop size (13CM x 24CM) and 5x7 hoop size.  

Also included are designs and instructions to complete a smaller, super-easy and quick bear.

This little guy is the perfect size to include in a gift basket for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or for that special birthday girl or boy.   

Click on the picture below to see the beautiful satin bears.

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Please be very careful when choosing the hoop size

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