Circus Train

Embroidery pattern for 5x7 hoops

Chuga chuga choo-choo...the circus is coming to town.  This adorable train can easily be made with your embroidery machine.  Use common materials like felt and clear vinyl to create this innovative pull toy.  The wheels can be made of felt or added to the plastic cap of a sports drink bottle. 


Train A is the engine with an adorable bear engineer.  The drum is a Pringles can and there is a built-in storage area.  All parts are made "in the hoop" and although there is some machine and hand sewing required, it is all clearly marked and easy to assemble.  All embroidery designs and PDF instructions are included to make as shown above.  The blue engine was made using regular felt stiffened with "Solvy Soup" or white glue.  The white one was made using Ezy Felt.

 Train B is a cage.  The cage holds twelve puzzle blocks that make up six different animals and all the letters of the alphabet.  The blocks are made of felt and are embroidered  in one piece.  They just require a little bit of hand sewing to complete.  All designs and instructions are included.


    Train C is the caboose, but you don't need the whole set to enjoy this because it is also a  horse-drawn covered wagon.  The bears require no sewing, they can be posed, and are completely dressed.  The horses can stand on their own and do some amazing tricks.  Designs and instructions are included to make the caboose/wagon, three performing bears and horse.  


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