Cowgirl Outfit for 18" dolls
Embroidery pattern "in the hoop"

Doll Clothes pattern #13 includes designs and instructions to make this fabulous outfit for 18" dolls (American Girl or Springfield).  You can make an authentic looking wrangler shirt, culottes, embroidered vest, jacket with or without sleeves, cowgirl hat, boots, belt, and Western buckle.

Shown above is a blue "suede" jacket and shirt.  Lots of details.

Above are close-ups of the buckle, hat and boots.  Belt loops are even automatically stitched on the culottes.  Any variety of fabrics can be used to make all kinds of different outfits.  Because this pattern is stitched "in the hoop" it is easy to make and assemble.  There is some hand or machine stitching, but everything is clearly marked to make assembly a breeze.  For 5x7 and 6x10 hoops.



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