Doll House

In the hoop embroidery pattern for 5x7 hoops

Hours of fun for you, even more hours of fun for your little one.  Designs and instructions are included to make as shown above.  Seven rooms with lots of details.  Included are two stitching options, one uses fabric the other uses felt.  All techniques are explained in the PDF instructions (lots of pictures to help you through).


Graphics are included for the interior, or you can use our templates and your own decorating ideas.  Let the children make furniture out of craft foam or plastic canvas.  This doll house is light-weight but sturdy enough to withstand a 3 year old hurricane.


Side door goes into the kitchen.  The front porch is covered by a balcony.  There are welcome mats in front of the doors.  Wooden barbeque skewers, a pizza box, and a glue gun are just about all that is needed to assemble. 

Close-up of stained glass window in the attic room.  Graphics are provided for windows and welcome mats.

Parts 1:  Dining room with (and without) bay window, (includes supply list, graphics for interior dining room walls, and "stained glass" windows).
Part 2:  Living Room with front porch (includes graphics for interior living room, fireplace, and staircase).
Part 3:  Kitchen with side porch (includes graphics for interior kitchen walls).
Part 4:  Bathroom (includes graphics for interior bathroom walls).
Part 5:  Master bedroom with balcony (includes graphics for interior bedroom walls and staircase).
Part 6:  Baby's Nursery (includes graphics for interior bedroom walls).
Part 7:  Attic and roof (includes graphics for attic interior walls, chimney).  
Part 8:  Assembly notes.
This pattern is e-mailed in 8 parts.  Please be sure that you have enough room in your mailbox to accommodate this.  





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