Fabric Gift Bags

Fun and easy to make and assemble

With this pattern you can make Grandma's favorite hand bag,  a T bag for your tea drinking friends, or an old bag for...well, for a special friend.  These "in the hoop" bags require no sewing and measure approximately 5" x 3" x 5.5" high.  Available for 5x7 or larger hoops.  They are fully lined and sturdy enough to hold 2 cans of chicken soup.  An extra design is also included to add decorations.



Buy the bundle and save:  All five patterns (2 fabric bags and 3 bag decorations) for only $30.


Note:  if you have already paid full-price for one or more of these patterns, contact us and we'll do right by you.  You must have actually paid for these and not received them free as a bonus or previous promotion.




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