Gazebo Canister

for 5x7 hoops


All designs and instructions are included to make as shown above.  Although this has the look of lace, it is not.  We call it "lace-ish".  All components are stitched in the hoop, and since it is stitched directly on tear-away stabilizer, there is no soaking or drying needed.  Two size Christmas trees are included.  


This makes a unique gift for someone special.  We filled ours with Rice Crispy balls.  Common items are used for the base:  old CDs, empty thread spool, cardboard (shirt-box) an empty ribbon spool, clear plastic (like a binder cover), a Styrofoam bowl, and a few beads are all that is required.  No machine sewing either.



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Here's one of our designers admiring her handiwork.  


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