In the hoop Capri, "sweaters", and espadrilles

by Heart N Sole


Doll Clothes pattern #16 includes embroidery designs and instructions to make different outfits for your 18" doll (American Girl or Springfield).  Made in the hoop with very little machine sewing required.  Each item has many options.  For example, the pants can have a coordinating print cuff with or without embroidery, you can add one or 2 pockets to the back if you want.   The "sweaters" can close in the front or back.   Designs fit in a 5x7 and 6x10 hoop (jeans jacket). 

Espadrilles can be made using any fabric and thread color.  We even included a design to make the trim for around the sole.  The jacket can be made with or without sleeves.  It is completely lined and has no raw edges on the inside.

The jeans jacket is surprisingly easy to make since all the topstitching and details are done with your embroidery machine.  There are only 6 pattern pieces used. 
Shown above left are some of the different variations you can make using the 5x7 hoop.  The photo above right shows the jeans jacket which requires a 6x10 hoop (the pattern also includes the 5x7 designs).  

5x7 hoop $15


6x10 hoop $20


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