Lamb Crib Ensemble

"In the hoop" designs for a coordinated nursery ensemble.
Patterns sold separately or as a set.

Shown above left to right:  convertible diaper bag/changing pad, Lullaby Lambie, lamb quilt, lamb clock, lamb pillow sham.

One would not want to be late for a 3 AM feeding.  This is a split design for the 5x7 hoop.  A new technique is used for flawless and easy alignment.  Note:  the outside border including grass, fence and BAA was originally designed by Pam Hanson and adapted for this pattern with her permission.

For 5x7 hoops only. (Note:  a non-split design is included in DST and PES formats)
Clock:  $10.00


This quilted diaper bag is made "in the hoop" and is quilted and sewn in the hoop.  There is additional sewing required to complete.  So, suppose you and your baby are out on the town shopping when all of a sudden one of you needs to be changed.  Oh no, what to do?

There's no need to fear, open up your diaper bag, remove the inner bag...

and you always have a clean and comfy place to change the baby.
The diaper bag and pillow sham are sold for $20.00


Baby can count sheep or follow the leader with this adorable lambie quilt.  All the front blocks are stitched "in the hoop" and will fit in a 4x4 hoop.  The quilting is done in the hoop and they are even sewn together in the hoop.  There is machine sewing required for finishing up but if you can sew a straight line and read instructions, you can do it too.  This quilt does take a bit of time and patience and may not be appropriate as a beginner's project.  It is made for love not money.
Lamb Quilt:  $25.00


Combination pack:  includes clock, pillow sham/diaper bag, and quilt pattern.


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Graphics used for this pattern are from "heART-work by Weezie".  

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