Littleville Train

This "in the hoop" embroidery pattern is surprisingly sturdy and sure to provide hours of fun for your little ones.  

The basic set includes 2 track pattern pieces and 3 train cars.  The pieces are made with stiffened felt.  With the track pieces you can make as many as you want to make a circle, "S" shape and even a figure eight.  The tracks and train pieces attach with snaps* or Velcro.  Everything is made "in the hoop".  There is NO sewing required.  Fits 5x7 hoop.  


Scene above is on the large Road Quilt (sold separately).



The scene above is using the small Road Quilt.

The full pattern includes train, tracks, station, 4 train people, crossing sign, and working gate.  Minimal hand sewing is required for the station.  For 5x7 hoops.


*Snapsetter (by Snapsource) and size 14 cap ring snaps were used for sample and I found the best price for these supplies (as well as thread and stabilizer) here:

Click on picture to see Road Quilt, or Houses and People (sold separately).

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