Star, Heart, and Mini Wall Quilt
by Heart N Sole

This pattern includes embroidery and quilting designs and instructions to make 3 different quilts.  Designs can be combined in many different ways.  You can make a quilt as small as a placemat or large as a bed quilt.  The Star (above left) and Heart (above center) quilts require a 5x7 hoop.  The rows are stitched and attached in the hoop, then after the rows are sewn together, the quilting is done in the hoop.  The mini quilt (above right) is made up of 5 rows consisting of 5 (4x4) blocks which are stitched, quilted, and sewn together in the hoop.  The 5 rows are then sewn together and a backing is added.  

Above are close-ups of the Star Quilt.  Four fabrics and 2 thread colors were used.  Cross-hatch quilt designs are included for the edges and quilted stars are scattered all over.

Designs are also included to make an alternate center or a matching pillow.

Above are close-ups of the Heart Quilt.  Three fabrics and 3 thread colors were used.  Hearts are quilted all around.  Delicate scallops decorate the "rings".



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