NEW "in the hoop" stuffed bear

This embroidery pattern for a 14" plush, fully-jointed stuffed bear is made entirely in the hoop with very little additional sewing required.  It is easy enough for a beginner.  Although the same pattern was used for the bears above, different fabrics produce different looks.  Shown (left to right): brown "minky" fabric, brown "ultra-suede" with green flannel accents, lavender "micro-fleece" with flannel accent, white "silky fleece" with pink flannel accents, and (centered) pink flannel.  This bear is the same size as the original Barely Bare Bear.  For 5x7 hoops.

Details of the face.

Included in the pattern is a blank tummy or designs to say "love you this much".  





Facial features based on the artwork from Bibbens Country Home

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