Now I Sew My ABCs

This little book is made up of sewing/activity 
cards for your child to adorn with buttons 
or beads or anything their little 
imaginations can come up with.

Each page comes with a printable child's 
instruction page (or you can make one up yourself) 
which features one letter at a time and tells 
the story of the embroidered page.   A is for appliqué!

Pre-punched holes make it easy for your child to 
attach letters, ribbons or beads.

Who knows?  Someone might even learn something.

Pattern includes embroidery designs to make 4 pages 
and PDF instructions.  Also included in the PDF file are 
4 printable pages for your child which can be 
laminated and added to the book.

Here's a picture of the final testing.  
Please NEVER leave a small child unsupervised with 
scissors, needles and small objects.

Above is an idea of how to decorate the embroidered pages.
For 5x7 hoop size only.



Graphics used for this pattern are from "heART-work by Weezie".  



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