Just click on the thumbnails to see what these talented people did...

Tris made these bears for her daughter's birthday...lucky girl!
!cid_513283BE607811D8BF47DBCB72BCCC4E@snj-us-pcwp-705.jpg (50615 bytes) 

Here's a bear made of fleece by Peg.
Teddy Bear 1.jpg (107380 bytes)

Lola made these bears.  She used pink chenille for one of them.  Can you imagine how soft and cuddly that must be?  Great idea, Lola!
100_0132 (2).JPG (39874 bytes)


Look what Marjorie did with the Oxford shoe pattern:
Baby Shoes 4-2004.JPG (17101 bytes) baby booties 2.jpg (16990 bytes) baby booties.jpg (29807 bytes)
She also sent in this picture of her Velcro shoes:
Mary Jane shoes.jpg (17597 bytes)

See the cute shoes Deby made for newborn twins.
meadow shoes.jpg (62571 bytes)  zoe shoes.jpg (48977 bytes)

Those little girls received a blanket also.  This blanket used my pattern but not my designs.
Debyquilt.jpg (62753 bytes)

Carol made this quilt for her granddaughter, Hailey.
Hailey's Blanket.JPG (527565 bytes) 

and this one made by Marilynn...
marilynn.jpg (149685 bytes)

Isn't this the most adorable...
Jaydon & Puppy 5 2002.jpg (44261 bytes)
the puppy (made by Suzanne) is kinda cute too!

dog projectd & princess 007.jpg (358538 bytes)
Julie made this little puppy in a blanket.

Joan came up with this idea for a graduation gift for her son.  Look at all the wonderful details she added, even paw prints on the bear behind
ritbear1j.JPG (45800 bytes)
ritbear2j.JPG (30058 bytes)

Joan also made this little bear for a baby-to-be.  She added some cute little details.
victiriabear3.JPG (55618 bytes)

Carol made this puppy
for her granddaughter.
img_1479.jpg (287165 bytes)
Isn't she sweet?

Marjorie made this beautiful quilt for a baby's Baptism.
Baby Quilt 3 - 05.jpg (55781 bytes)
This is sure to be a treasured heirloom.

MVC-001F 5.jpg (147628 bytes)
Princess Jules was made by Susan.  Can bears be considered hams???

Another bear by Susan, this time dressed as a farmer.
MVC-017F 5.jpg (253516 bytes)

Marjorie made these pretty Valentine's Day
vbag.jpg (65604 bytes)
bags to decorate the tables for a social function..  I wonder what she's going to put inside.

Marjorie was a busy girl,
Gold & black velveteen shoes.jpg (32054 bytes)
just look at these fancy baby shoes.

These beauties were made by Norma.
babyshoes1.jpg (43677 bytes)

and so were these...
babyshoes 2.jpg (64002 bytes)

Isabel quilt sm.JPG (65901 bytes)
Lana made this gorgeous quilt.  She said she never did this before.

More Cheesy Little Baby Quilts
mmc.jpg (197690 bytes)
Made by Marjorie

This diaper bag/changing pad was made by Sandy.  Isn't it pretty in blue?
00Adiaper3.jpg (47849 bytes)

00Adiaper3A.jpg (31511 bytes)
Sandy is in the process of making a matching quilt.  Looks so promising.

cheesy6.jpg (176113 bytes)
Pat made this beautiful Cheesy Little Baby Quilt

Alex's slippers 001.jpg (40342 bytes)
Another Pat made these adorable little cow slippers.

ppony1.jpg (184417 bytes)
Carol made this Noodle Pony.  Look how she made her mane out of fleece rather than yarn...great idea!

Sue made these two-in-one dolls based on a doll given to her by her grandmother in 1940pb150020.jpg (769544 bytes)

Gail made this 
fabulous Blessing Gown from a pattern designed by her daughter, Brandy Jensen... 
gail1.jpg (826362 bytes)

...with shoes to match.
gail2.jpg (692640 bytes)

IMGP0110 (2).JPG (1028117 bytes)
Norma made this lamb quilt.  She used "fur" for the lamb.  

imgp0111.jpg (1119269 bytes)
Here's a close-up of Norma's lamb, it's hard to believe this was her first "in the hoop" project.

mvc-001x.jpg (111123 bytes)
Christening shoes made by Anette

Sneakers with flash.jpg (23540 bytes)
Sneakers by Yvonne

SHERIFF 04 (Small).jpg (61174 bytes)
Sheriff Bears by Connie

p2290188.jpg (547224 bytes)
Barely Bare Bear by Diane

photo2 011.jpg (1274069 bytes)
Cute little Oxfords made by Nicole

cow girl boots.jpg (22867 bytes)
Cowgirl boots using variegated thread by Valerie

img0128.jpg (195163 bytes)
Red Cowgirl boots by Leah


new pics 189 (Small).jpg (59243 bytes)
Patricia made this quilt in pink for her niece

Applique Teddy Bear Quilt.jpg (748897 bytes)
Peggy made this quilt in blue for her new grandson


More to come soon...