Pumpkins, wreath, and picture frame

So it's almost Halloween, and we wanted to make a simple, felt, pumpkin basket for candy or dried flowers.  Here's what we came up with:

Then, it seemed like a good idea to make a  quilted, lined Jack-o-lantern:

OK, now we're on a roll so we decided it would be cool to make a really big pumpkin using 8 panels instead of 6...bad idea.  However, look what it turned into:
Birds from the Christmas Tree pattern (sold separately) were added to the wreath above left.  The doves design (above right and below) is included with this pattern.  Add a bow and some beads and this accidental wreath almost looks like we planned it that way.

And, then it evolved into this:

All designs and PDF instructions are included to make the pumpkin baskets and accidental wreath and picture frame.  These are very easy to make and the only sewing required is sewing the lining to the Jack-o-lantern.  For 5x7 hoops.  These are embroidery designs for embroidery machines and everything is done "in the hoop". 



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