Road Quilt

by Heart N Sole

Welcome to Littleville where there are no electric plugs or batteries required.  The only energy used is kid power.  The sun is always shining, everyone is smiling and the cars never run out of gas.  

When finished playing, the road easily folds up into a bag which can hang on a hook or sit on a shelf and holds all the toys.  Now available:  Road quilt pattern with designs to make 2 sized quilts (36" square or 45" square), quilted handles,  "Littleville" design (you can change the name to your town - we made a "Wyattville" and "Lexie Land"), and instructions to turn into carry bag.   All rows are quilted in the hoop and once completed you only need to sew the rows together and add a backing to finish The 45" square quilt requires a 5x7 hoop.


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