Safari Slippers

...there are Lions


and Tigers

and Bears


and Monkeys... 

oh my, these aren't scary at all.

In this versatile collection there are four slipper variations  included in one easy-to-make, almost all "in the hoop" pattern.   Choose flannel, fleece, "fur", plush felt, or terry cloth to make these adorable little slippers.  The lion can be turned into a leopard or panther by using a leopard print flannel or black velvet.  By choosing different fabrics, you can make a Polar bear, a Grisly bear, or a blue "Teddy" bear.  The monkey can be made of brown or white to give a totally different look.  Turn the cuff up and it becomes a slipper sock.  The possibilities go on and on.  The pattern is available for both 4x4 or 5x7 sized hoops and most formats.   Measuring approximately 4" from heel to toe, these slippers should  fit most babies up to one year old.   

Don't be surprised if baby's first words are "Me Tarzan, you Jane?"


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