Soft Baby Book

Made in the hoop

for 5x7 hoops

This little baby book measures 5" x 5.5" and is made of soft fleece and flannels.  There are four "action" pages, a cover and a back cover.  Everything is done "in the hoop" and there is no sewing required.

On page one there is a fluffy duck bobbing in the water.

Page two has two gold fish in a bowl.  When you turn the color wheel, the fish change colors.

Page three is a heart with a surprise inside...

when you pull open the tab, a bunny pops up.

Page four has a cute flower, but when you pull on the tab...

you'll find a cuter flower!

On the last page (back cover) you can add your own sentiments.



Final testing by two of our designers.  It seems to pass the slime and slobber test.



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