Two-headed Buddies in a Blanket

Your child can find fabulous fun with these fuzzy, fluffy, furry, or fine-feathered friends.  You can choose Graham the Bunny awake with Graham the Bunny asleep.  You can choose Quackers the Duck awake with Quackers the Duck asleep.  You can choose Graham-Quackers.  Four different head options are included in this "in the hoop" embroidery pattern.

Shown above is Sleeping Quackers.  His wing holds a music button and he promises to keep all the bad stuff away at night.  The blanket can be made of fleece, flannel, "fur", fuzzy felt, or just plain fabric.  This pattern is very easy to make.  For 5x7 hoops

Also included is a design to personalize your Buddie which can be made into a little pocket that's just the right size for those nighttime visits from the Tooth Fairy.

For the final where did that duck go?



Like all the toy patterns at Heart N Sole, this has been kid tested and grandmother approved!



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