Two in One Storybook Doll

Little Rose Riding Hood and the Big Bad Granny

Once upon a time there was a beautiful young girl named Little Rose.  She received a text message that her beloved Grandmother was ill, so off she went to Starbucks to fill her basket with goodies and hopped on her Harley to Grandma's house.

When she arrived, she was surprised at what she saw, but being the sweet little thing that she was, she didn't want to show her alarm.  She thought to herself, "Granny had a make-over...yikes, this is extreme...sure hope she didn't spend my inheritance on THAT!"  She asked, "Oh, Granny, what happened to your eyes, where are your glasses?"

Granny replied, "It's OK sweetie, I finally had that Lasik surgery, now I can see you so much better."

"But Granny, what's that odor?  Did you forget to bathe again?  Where's your Ginko?" inquired Rose.  And she thought to herself, "What's with the hair on her chinny chin chin?  Boy, is she ever due for a waxing!"

And Granny said, "Nope, it's just my new musk's guaranteed to drive the boys wild and make the them howl."

Then Little Rose asked, "OK, so what happened to your teeth?"

To that Granny responded, "You know those whitening strips you gave me?  Well, I guess they really work!  Now, come over here and give me a great big smooch."  (Cover your eyes now, here comes the scary part.)

dollb6.gif (124226 bytes) Granny whipped off her mask and hugged and tickled Little Miss Rose.

"Hey Granny, are you messin' wit me???"  And they all lived happily ever after.  (Apologies to the Brothers Grimm...but really, what were they thinking with that bedtime story???)

This "in the hoop" embroidery pattern contains all the elements for you to make your own 17" storybook doll(s). The little girl has a full head of curls (actually it's a wig that you make from curly the hoop of course).  The two-in-one doll has the little girl on top and when you turn her over, there's Granny.  We included legs with socks and Mary Jane shoes to make a more traditional doll.  Very little sewing is required after it comes out of the hoop.  Fully-illustrated PDF instructions included.  For the 5x7 hoops. 



Available separately is a collection of accessories for both the Baby Doll and Storybook Doll.  This collection includes a beautiful "fur"-lined hooded cape adorned with tiny roses and "fur" muff to match, a little sleepy cap (fits sleeping doll or Granny), and a wolf mask.  Everything is done in the hoop with almost no extra finishing required.  For the 5x7 hoops.



Or Baby Doll and Storybook Doll and Accessories for only $45.00


Note:  The idea for this pattern came from a doll made by my grandmother when I was young.  This "in the hoop" pattern was made from my memory and is completely original.
Graphics used for this pattern are from "heART-work by Weezie".



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